Our Impact

As a licensed clinical psychologist who helps patients change their health behaviors to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, it was a pleasure to meet a patient who has been utilizing We Share Hope. With We Share Hope’s resources, she was able to significantly lower her HbA1c and get her diabetes well controlled. She lowered her blood pressure and was enable to enact the recommendations for diet given to her by her healthcare providers. Unfortunately, many similar resources are reserved for folks who meet stringent criteria, but We Share Hope’s model allows anyone who would benefit to access their resources. This is critical because many families are one missed paycheck away from crisis. We Share Hope’s model prevents clients from reaching that point, and it helps those already in crisis, including Veterans, the disabled, the working poor, and people experiencing homelessness. Through the generosity of local organizations, they are fighting the health inequities that plague many of our fellow Rhode Islanders. We Share Hope is different than similar organizations because they additionally provide access to healthy, fresh food instead of just perishable staples that are critical for fighting hunger but may be high in sodium, sugar, or fat. We Share Hope’s model rejects the stigma surrounding food rescue by using a self-empowerment model. I continue to refer my patients to We Share Hope, and I am so glad they are a part of our community.
— Carly M. Goldstein, PH.D.

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