Hope. Empowerment. Transformation. We share what we have been given with those who are in need.

Our Mission:

Hope. Empowerment.

We share what we have been given with those who are in need —and in the process, we empower the homeless, children living in poverty, the elderly, disabled, underemployed and the working poor to elevate their lives.


Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: We share what we have been given to those in need.

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Our Impact

We Share Hope allocates donated food and nonfood items to 39 communities throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. This is possible with the help of over 95 committed partners. The homeless, children living in poverty, the elderly, disabled, underemployed, and the working poor are our top priorities. We Share Hope has been given the authority through the IRS by the Federal Government to locate, gather, and distribute food to groups that feed the poor. This authority given to WSH can be used in all 50 states.

Our Empowerment Center

Through a committed group of volunteers, We Share Hope is proud to offer the following: The Joseph W. Martin Market located at 624 Main Street in Warren, Rhode Island. This location provides a weekly market open to the public. It is an opportunity for people to help themselves financially while paying it forward to help others. A small donation for the products being offered help bring more products to the shelves, and to other struggling communities.  

The items available are rescued and donated items that still have dignity for those receiving. Through the recipient’s small donation, We Share Hope is able to pay for transportation, warehouse and other logistical transport costs.

By shifting the entitlement to empowerment, we help people transform their lives.


Joseph W. Martin

624 Main Street
Warren, Rhode Island

Monday 4pm - 7pm
Tuesday 12pm - 2pm
Wednesday 4pm - 7pm

The items we receive at We Share Hope helps us help families in crisis. We help families whose food stamps don’t cover toiletry or over the counter items. I tell everyone about We Share Hope. We also are able to offset the cost of fellowship meals going to We Share Hope.
— Kim Soares (Christian Community Bible Church, Riverside RI. Be A Blessing Ministry)

How Can You Affect Change?

We have found that in order to affect change, one major question must be answered: Who is going to do the work?  

Volunteers are the keystone of this organization; they are the energy that keeps it all moving. If you are called to serve others, we welcome you. Volunteers are always needed to load and unload boxes, stock shelves, help run our empowerment centers, portion out bulk food, guide teen volunteers, make deliveries, pick-up donations and for other misc. tasks.


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